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Young lady films a grandpa ‘[email protected]’ her in a car while traveling together in trotro (watch video)



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A young lady filmed an old grandpa ‘fingering’ her while they travelled together in a trotro.

An elderly man is about to be publicly ridiculed after he was filmed by a young lady while attempting to ‘finger’ her deep in a trotro car they both boarded together.

The lady in question released the video all by herself and called for justice on social media against the man.

According to her explanation, she was sexually assaulted by the old man during their 4hours trip From Abuja to Akure.

She explained that she complained while aboard to the passengers but no one bothered to listen to her and that forced her to record the process as proof.

A few angry Nigerians reacted to the video.

“What the man did us wrong but why the lady con dey silent nah abii she dey enjoy am naiy..??

Why can’t she say stop or talk,she kept calm and was doing video. Now you want to bring him to book for what actually??? Nonsense

I’m just imagining a world without men…

I won’t endure anything … I will raise alarm immediately… ???

Buh why didn’t she raise alarm, the society isn’t as corrupted to an extent of No one minding her.”

The elderly man’s insensitive actions come after a young Nigerian lady recognized as Vera Uwaila was raped and murdered in a church where she went to learn.

Watch The Video Below:


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