Tacha Begins Bridesmaid Duties After Fella Invited Her To Be Her Bridesmaid For Her White Wedding


Tacha Begins Bridesmaid Duties After Fella Invited Her To Be Her Bridesmaid For Her White Wedding

Mrs Frimpong, popularly known as Fella Makafui, successfully got married yesterday 7th March 2020, to Mr. Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal.

After the beautiful traditional marriage, Medikal and Fella went live on social media to thank everyone who helped make their day a blissful one.

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In the live video, BBNaija star congratulated them and Fella upon seeing it asked her to come down to Ghana to be her bridesmaid during her white wedding.

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It seems, the BBNaija star has accepted the offer and has already began doing some bridesmaid duties.

In the comment section of one of the posts by Fella, Tacha was seen busily replying congratulatory comments on behalf of Fella.

As we all know, bridesmaid are there to assist the bride so she doesn’t get worked up and it seems that is what Tacha is doing for Fella under the said post to save her the time of coming to reply all those messages.


Screenshots below;




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