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Shatta Wale tells why he kicked out Natty Lee & his Militants



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Shatta Wale says Natty Lee, Addi Self, and Joint 77 are no longer part of his team and reveals why he kicked them out.

Shatta Wale has kicked out his Militants after so many years of rolling together. According to him, they sold him out.

Casting our minds back, Shatta Wale sacked Pope Skinny, Bone, Good Over Evil, and Blade from his Shatta Movement camp due to reasons best known to him.

Shatta Wale labelled Pope Skinny a rapist and Blade a cultist. His mind-blowing move then created a heated exchange of attacks between himself and Pope Skinny on social media for days, with each of them exposing their hidden secrets. As a result, some top industry players had to chip into their beef to make peace reign.

Just a few months after that, Shatta Wale followed it up by sacking all his militants from his camp.

Well, this would have gone unnoticed hadn’t it been the awareness created by one of his international core Shatta Movement members, Shatta Bianca.

Shatta Bianca in a series of Facebook posts revealed that Natty Lee, Addi Self, and Captan are no longer part of the SM camp, but they are still using the brand’s name in their day-to-day activities.

She first wrote:

??Loyalty is not frenemy…We don’t stand on other’s shine to put dirt in others eyes as well blindfold others Why is it that so many use the ShattaMovement to hype themselves when behind all this is not even anything good ?? How many of you did dirty the name of ShattaWale ? How many be a disgrace to the movement !? Some will know why I talk this way and some will not know.  #ShattaBianca ??.”

Minutes after her post, she again went straight to the point, hitting the nail right on its head by disclosing that the trio had sold out.

She warned them never to use the Shatta Movement brand again.

She posted on Facebook:

“Addi self Natty lee and joint shouldn’t use shatta movement to hype themselves ! “

This time around, Shatta Wale himself took to the comment box to react.

According to Shatta Wale, many people still think his militants are still with him, but they’ve sold out a long time. He explained that he had sacked them and also thanked Shatta Bianca for being very observant.

He added that because Bianca is a white lady, her loyalty level to him is very high.

Read his post below:

“Thank you ?? most people think they are still with me but dem sell out long time … Thank you for the observation ????many will fight you for this but stay loyal .. Difference between whites and blacks ?.”


See The Screenshots Below:

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