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‘Sarknation’ Is My First Asset’ – Sarkodie Discloses In An Interview



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‘Sarknation’ Is My First Asset’ – Sarkodie Discloses In An Interview

‘Sarknation’ Is My First Asset’ – Sarkodie Discloses In An Interview

Rapper Sarkodie has never stopped eulogizing and thanking his fanbase ‘Sarknation’ for holding him down since the break of dawn of his musical journey.

He has described his fanbase as the primary, ultimate and first asset he owns.

In multiple tweets, the ‘Ofeetsor’ hitmaker expressed profound, undiluted show of appreciation to the love and support he has been receiving from Sarknation.

Arguably, Sarkodie has the largest, formidable and die-hard fans in Ghana who will break their backs to ensure they are represented at a show or event that has their favourite artist on.

This is manifested in the yearly Rapperholic show that is organized by Sarkodie for his fans. Tickets to the show always get finished long before the said date.

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Just a week ago, Sarkodie’s Black Love-Virtual Concert which was carried on had some technical challenges due to the number of people who registered to watch him. According to the numbers, about 1.5 million fans were eager to see him perform which the site couldn’t hold.

Sarkodie believes he is blessed to have such a strong fanbase who have helped shaped his career and etched his name indelibly on the hearts of music-loving fans across the globe.

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