Research reveals why over 11,000 students refuse admission to UDS

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Research reveals why over 11,000 students refuse admission to UDS.

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As we reported earlier over 11,000 students, yes eleven thousand after successfully gaining admission, refuse the chance to study at the University for Development Studies UDS.

The university is considered one of the topmost tertiary institutions available in the country and unbeatably the best one can brag of in the northern zone. Thus got me bemused and asking why such number of students are reluctant to step up their career ambitions through UDS. Leading to a research by our team.

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Key problems found: Program misplacement, No better timing of admission, Insecurity, Location/Distance.

Our research reveals 50% of applicants reject their admission due to program misplacement. Imagine having the desire to study nursing only to be offered Agribusiness? This was the case of Abdul Aziz Abdulai, one of the 11,000 students.

“That is because you didn’t give them the programs they applied for. UDS is found of that. You apply for one program and they give you admission for programs you have never heard of.” Phaty Majeed wrote


How do you just offer admission to a program the person didn’t apply for, and claim you didn’t see the results slip in your admission database however the program offered cannot be changed though the person is qualified for what he or she applied. Remember your interest in the course is key.” Boafo Prince Laments


“You give people courses they don’t apply For and you expect them to accept your admission”. Ganiwu Gandu also highlight the same problem.


Another big problem Management can fix just like the first one above is the bad timing of their admission. No doubts you wouldn’t apply for only one institution in this country and it makes lot’s of sense to listen to the first offer on the table with the big question in mind ‘what if the other schools doesn’t offer me the opportunity’. Now you know what that means, High number of students used UDS as their plan B since they already applied for other institutions. A disappointed ‘Edmund Gakye’ confirms his brother paid fees at Tarkwa Midwifery Training School before the University gave him admission to study Nursing. This is also a clear indication that if the Institution strategies their admission timings well students with the same problem as Gakye’s brother would have been UDS ID card bearers by now.

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Our Findings also highlight Insecurity as a major factor affecting UDS. Mark Djmon wrote “insecurity is a problem to me going there, Highway robbery is common than pregnancy”. Just as Mark said, the level of robbery and brutal killing of people traveling to the north is very scary and has become a huge concern for students from the southern parts.


Lastly Location/Distance is also another huge problem for students from the south, l personally traveled by a VIP bus to Wa and guess what? If not for the opening of Wa airport and commencement of flights, l wouldn’t ever think of going back there again for whatever reason. It took me a long 10-11hours to reach the Upper west regional capital from Accra. Now talking about flights which is no more operating anyway, how many students can afford tickets if they are to visit home frequently.

Unfortunately the University’s leadership can’t do much or anything at all about the last two problems.

By: Godsway Charles Tudi (Student of UDS)


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