“Pay me and stop using the ‘Papano’ saga as a justification to punish me” – Mzbel warns Mr President

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Ghana witnessed one of the most viral sagas’ “Papano” in 2020. It swept the nation, as the entire country was enthralled by every nugget of information that surfaced.

This mantra caused a fight between actress Tracey Boakye and singer Mzbel. The two people got rough with each other because they were both trying to “Show Body.”

In fact, the story did hurt NDC leader John Mahama, who was then accused of being the “Papano” these two women were fighting over. This, in some way, led to his loss in the 2020 general election.

As we speak, a person who was involved in a fight over the ‘Papano’ has brought up the subject again.

Thus, Mzbel has asked “Mr President” to stop punishing her over the saga in a tweet that is both smart and long.

The socialite and the singer asked “Mr. President” to be a man of his word and pay the debt that he said he would do.

Though she didn’t say who “Mr. President” was, some people think that Mzbel is directing her message at Mahama because his name was the most talked about during the 2020 election saga, so she wants to help him.

She wrote to the president: “Mr. President, I’ve been humble, considerate, quiet, and patient enough. Please don’t use this “Papanpo” issue as an excuse to punish me! When I have to go after people to get what they owe me, it gets very bad! Be a man of your word. It’s been almost 6 years.


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Written by Micheal Owusu


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