Meet teacher training lecturer with 3 wives & 18 kids, says he wants new wife

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The viral lecturer, Mohammed Sulaimon, who had flaunted his polygamous family of three wives and eighteen kids during Eid-El-Kabir has revealed that he didn’t fancy having a large family while growing up.

The lecturer at Umar Bn Khattab College of Education, Kaduna told The Punch that the reason for that is because he constantly heard about the difficulty of training a wife and children.

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Sulaimon said his philosophy of life and mentality however changed as he grew up. The academic stated that he realised that all that was needed was for him to work hard and cater for his family.

He added that marriage is also an avenue to cater for women as many of them do not have husbands.

While hinting at taking a new wife in two months’ time, Sulaimon furthered that there has never been a case where he forgets the name of his kids. “Why will I forget the names of my children?

As a Muslim, the names of my kids were taken from the names of Allah, so they are arranged in that sequence. I give them nicknames so I know them by their names and nicknames,” he said.

Man with 151 kids and 16 wives says he won’t stop marrying Meanwhile, previously reported that a man with 16 wives and 151 kids had revealed that he wouldn’t stop marrying till death comes.

According to The Herald, Misheck Nyandoro from Zimbabwe is not planning to stop having more children.

The man is planning on marrying another wife, saying polygamy is a project he undertook in the 80s. Misheck further said that out of his expansive family, 50 children are still in school, six are in the army, two are police officers and 11 others are employed in different capacities.

Thirteen of his daughters have been married off, and two of his 16 wives are currently pregnant. According to Misheck, the project is working since he often gets money from his working children. Mirror gathered that the man “doesn’t work” as his full-time job is “satisfying his wives.”


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