Man gives his cheating wife the most painful heartbreak ever on earth after finding out that their daughter isn’t his

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A man gave his cheating wife the most painful heartbreak of all time after finding out that their daughter isn’t his.

According to many married men, the most painful thing is finding out that a kid that you’ve been taking care of for years isn’t yours.

One man who found himself under a similar situation gave his wife the most painful heartbreak.

He pretended to be gifting his wife a precious thing only for her to discover the DNA test for their kid in the bag.

He then ordered the woman packed and leave his house.

The way and manner at which he went by the heartbreak made social media users comment on it as shown below:

  • “There should be a jail sentence for this kind of crimes .painful. all the love attention and pride of fatherhood only to find out it’s another person u r doing give away for

  • This is why I support a DNA test. The same way we know our blood type from birth, we test for other things as a baby is born, this should be introduced from the beginning cos a DNA does a lot more than just checking for paternity. It even gives a history of your life and likely health conditions in your life time. This is fraud and to avoid stories that touch, it is okay to do it but what do I know. Everything especially Africa is attributed to trust. Better to be safe than never

  • Chale this guys level of Savage is 100x Tiwa her

  • Tunde captioned it like people who don’t watch before commenting ?

  • E for carry am go Dubai go leave am there ?

  • She knew the baby does not belong to him, she isn’t surprised about that fact, she’s only surprised he chose today of all days ??????. Women una no fit enter heaven

  • He is hurting but very calm….maturity ?

  • She’s not even sorry. Rather she’s busy asking “ why did you do this?” I don’t like people like this, they focus on your reaction rather than what they did to you. You cheated , show remorse and apologize. Rubbish !

  • This is so mean!! Some people have mind o?she sha deserves it but it shouldn’t be online bruh think of how she’d move on when u dump her ass! Don’t be wicked ? after all people have cheated on us n we never posted a video of it. This is fucked up

  • What’s Awwnn??.. None of you watched before commentin.. Awwn kill una der. The guy is funny tho ?.”

Watch The Video Below:


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