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Man filmed squeezing the ‘Nyash’ of a lady he sat behind in a Trotro



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A man couldn’t control his libido even when he was aboard a public transport vehicle and it is very sad to note.

A man was filmed squeezing the buttocks (Nyash) of a lady while aboard public transport otherwise known as ‘trotro’ car in Ghana.

The incidence occurred in Nigeria.

The video which was shot by another passenger aboard captured the young seemingly ‘stupid’ guy pressing the buttocks of any women sitting in front of him.

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It was being done unaware of the innocent lady.

As the video got viral, some Nigerians reacted to it as captured below:

  • “I’m sure the lady is thinking that it’s someone’s knees touching her and not the hand… the hard jeans is not even making her feel it too much
  • What a shameless n disgusting guy…
  • Hallelujah!!! I have successfully slapped somebody ontop this matter before? Guess what? Other responsible ppl in that bus helped out, he came down o, and left.
  • And you can’t also the hell out of him ??‍♀️. In the process of this video
  • Why the person filming no burn this guy slap for him eye? Tf!”

Watch The Video Below:



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Man filmed squeezing the Nyash of a lady sitting in front of her in a grotto

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