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I Will Now Charge Any Artist Who Will Beef Me For Social Media Trends – Medikal Claims



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I Will Now Charge Any Artist Who Will Beef Me For Social Media Trends -  Medikal Claims

I Will Now Charge Any Artist Who Will Beef Me For Social Media Trends – Medikal Claims

Ghanaian hip hop musician ” AMG Medikal” in an interview on TV3 with MzGee, has divulged that he is ready to give in to any beef provided he would be paid for being Involved.

He attributed it to the fact that, some artists get him involved in such beefing acts only to trend and to get their name back in the industry. Hence, would not entertain such people again unless he would gain some profit from it.

Considering his previous beef with some artists, he indicated that, he responded to their verbal attacks just for fun but now, he would put a pen a signed document, to seal a deal in beefing with hi for social media trends.

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According to him, any artist who wants social media fame should make sure they are well loaded with money because his charges are high.

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” No the thing bi say if you want make Medikal do something wey I go help you, like help your brand or something, you can see my management we can sit and talk about it, but for you to get a free hype of insulting me in a song or on twitter, man no go mind you because at the end of the day whatever you write or say doesn’t put food on my table, you get me, so I choose not to pay mind to whatever people say about in my music[sic]”,

“It depends on the artiste; not every artist has the means to pay because I dey charge like my phone dey low battery, I dey charge crazy, so at the end of the day if you be artiste wey you get money wey you feel like say maybe you need some resurrection in your something career then we can work something out but obviously you need to get money too, so if you don’t have money don’t come at all and then don’t do that lame thing talking about Medikal in your music or on twitter to spark some beef, I’m off that“,

He stated


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