“I will help many prostitutes to find jobs” – Moesha

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Moesha Boduong, an actress who has spent years being ‘consumed by the world,’ has pledged to assist alter the lives of a large number of prostitutes and place them in good professions as a way of demonstrating the road of righteousness she has chosen for herself.

Sandra Ankobiah, a celebrity who wrongly accused her of having a drug addict partner who had been imprisoned in the past, received an emotional letter from the former twerker and social media influencer, in which she made this serious vow to her.

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Ms. Sandra was sincerely apologized to by Moesha, who then blessed her by prophesying that she would go on to become a lawyer of worldwide renown and assist in the release of innocent people from Ghana prisons. Take a look at her message.

Sandra I’m very sorry for telling people that you had a boyfriend that was in jail for drugs and I also heard it from people and I never said it to make you look bad, everyone talks about everyone in our industry, and I know you’ve also spoken about me and laughed at my fake designers and I know you love me because God brought you into my life and you will marry my uncle and you two will love each other and No one will ever cheat on their partners and I will pray for God to protect your marriage and God will provide for you and my uncle. You will go back to being a lawyer and you will defend prisoners and I will take people out of jail with the help of God Almighty and I will help many prostitutes to find a job and they will love us because we both date men for money and I will defend you because you are my in-law.

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