“I swear! A man who truly loves you, will never watch you use an android phone” – Lady

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According to one woman, a guy who genuinely loves his girlfriend would never allow himself to be around her while she uses an Android phone.

On Twitter, a woman who goes by the handle Speedy said that a guy who genuinely loves his wife would never allow her to use an Android phone.

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In her own words,

“I swear! A man who truly loves you, will never watch you use an android phone”.

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This elicited a variety of responses on the internet. A user known only as Marv posted the following:

If a man buys you an iPhone, that implies he loves you… na ur Toto go suffer, no go to work. The fact that a woman can’t pay her expenses and is reliant on a man to determine how she feels is a source of great frustration to me.

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A woman who pays her expenses is more likely to get affection and attention from her husband… I’m here in good faith.


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Written by Micheal Owusu


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