I get numerous VGMA nominations but I don’t win any – King Promise cries out

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Despite multiple nominations at the VGMAs, King Promise has never won another award from the program.

King Promise asked on TV3’s NewDay how he hasn’t won a VGMA while winning overseas honors.

He said he hasn’t had concerns with the board. He wouldn’t have performed so well last weekend.

“I have nothing against the VGMA. If I did, I wouldn’t be on that stage. I had no idea how the night would proceed. Obviously, it went as planned. In the end, all I do is make music and push the agenda. That is Ghanaian music.

“I don’t know what the problem is, but my staff and I will investigate,” he said.

King Promise believes that his foreign success should be reflected at home.

“I’m a Ghanaian. It’s huge when I travel and conduct tours. I get nominated for MOBAs and Best African Artist in Nigeria. It’s sort of amusing when you get home.

“To take it global, you must own your territory. Clearly, it matters to me. But it’s not my major goal. But, like you stated, it becomes an issue,” the singer said.

King Promise garnered four nominations at the recent VGMA23, including one for Artiste of the Year.

“I don’t know whether it’s me or the system. Maybe people believe I don’t know many people. Every time I’m there. I’m not sure whether that’s it. “I’m still hunting for the problem since even I don’t know,” he said.


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Written by Micheal Owusu


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