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REVEALED: Stonebwoy actually pulled a gun at Sarkodie’s house


REVEALED: Stonebwoy actually pulled a gun at Sarkodie’s house
REVEALED: Stonebwoy actually pulled a gun at Sarkodie’s house

Sketchy story making rounds has it that Stonebwoy has allegedly physically attacked Sarkodie‘s manager widely known in the showbiz scenes as Angel Town.

The information was first revealed by popular entertainment critic who doubles as a board member of 3Music Award, Ricky Rick on Facebook.

According to his post, Angel Town and Stonebwoy engaged in a savagely violent brawl which consequently made Angel Town suffer some bruises on the right eye.

This jaw-breaking information has raised lots of conversation among the fans of Stonebwoy and Sarkodie respectively.

Aside from that, fans from both camps have been trying to know what actually transpired at Sarkodie’s residence.

God told me Shatta Wale Will be great in future before he was born – Shatta Capo

Well, an insider who spoke to exclusively disclosed that Stonebwoy actually pulled a gun at Sarkodie’s residence as he did at the 2019 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs).

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According to our source, during the rehearsal of Sarkodie Blacklove virtual concert, Stonebwoy pulled a gun during a disagreement over a parking space. What happened was, Stonebwoy was refused a space to park his car after the military told him the parking space was meant for dignitaries.

Shatta Wale was however given the parking space when he arrived. This infuriated Stonebwoy who begun fighting Angel Town. An infuriated Stonebwoy pulled a gun against Angel who also drew his gun.


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