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Akuapem Poloo New Surfaces


Earlier, a lady identified as Naana Brown lambasted Instagram Slay Queen, Rosemod Brown after she alleged that she has watched lεakεd $εx Tæpe of the actress.

In a video recorded by the lady, she claimed that Akuapem Poloo is a disgrace to womanhood. She said that Akuapem Poloo begged that her ‘private part’ was paining her and requested that she is taken through her anal part.

Akuapem $εx Tæpe is fast trending online after it was dropped by an unnamed person.

Akuapem Poloo reacts after her lε@kεd Tæpe went viral

The video is fast trending on Twitter and many people have been bashing the Instagram slay Queen for receiving a hot anal…

We don’t know much about what led to the dropping of the $εx Tæpe.

Due to our community standard policy, the “nudε” video can’t be shared on our platform but you can click here to watch the full video of the tape


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