Brago Senior High School Home Economics Student ‘Doing It’ In Classroom Pops up online (Watch Video)


The world is currently at a halt because of a deadly virus, which has caused a major pandemic across the globe.

Many governments worldwide have instructed citizens to stay indoors as they try to curb the situation or reduce infections.

The virus can be transferred to another person just by coming into contact with an infected person and can kill within minutes if your immune system is fragile or you have an underlying medical condition.

Hence, the government and medical practitioners advise the populace to exercise social distancing and washing of hands with clean running water with soap regularly. The use of hand sanitizers is also advised.

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However, there are people who don’t care about the virus and are basically living their lives as though the world is not dealing with a pandemic.

They are busily having fun by ch()pping themselves down like they blue film actors.

With no major activity going on across the globe, and most part of the world experiencing a total lockdown, I think these people are got bored and they spiced things up.



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