Black Sherif Signs New Huge Contract With Empire; Abandons Old Manager Who Picked & Polished Him From The Gutters After Becoming A Star – DJ Slim Speaks

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Disc jockey DJ Slim of Ghana’s prominent radio station, Radio One 105.7FM in Kumasi, has provided an exclusive expose on the emerging rapper, singer, and composer Black Sherif.

DJ Slim, in an editorial piece highlighting the ungratefulness of many Ghanaian artists, gave facts and numbers regarding how Sherif got arrogant and quit his management after receiving worldwide praise.

He also charged him with abandoning a seven-bedroom mansion his management had given him, complete with a state-of-the-art studio and a gym. A total of over 100 pairs of shoes, he said, had been gifted to him by his manager, all of which he abandoned in order to join Empire Entertainment.

Similarly, Slim explained that Sherif’s manager had plucked him out of thin air and had given him the financial push he needed to succeed, and now that he’s successful, he’s compensated him with the monster he’s become.

In addition, he provided screenshots, videos, and photos to back up his outlandish accusations.

DJ Slim born Daniel Gyan Kesse claims that many investors are reluctant to invest in new musicians or the music business as a whole because if ungratefulness on the part of budding musicians.


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Written by Micheal Owusu


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