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Akuapem Poloo Shares Video Of The Bed She Was Laying [email protected] On As She Explains What Happened (Video)



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Actress and social media influencer Akuapem Poloo shares a video of the same bed she was laying [email protected] on as she narrates what happened

According to Akuapem Poloo, she remembers she had a call from her business page and while she was on the phone chatting with the person.

Her friend stood behind her and recorded the video although she was not wearing anything because she was about to take her bath before she had the call.

She also showed the same sock that was on the bed that fateful day while the video was been recorded.

Below is the video

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This is de same bed her friend recorded her…is not in any mans room or hotel circulating by haters….just was at her old apartment n this is a new place buh de same bed…..the lady who is boldly saying dat…she got a man's video fvcking poloo from de back must be arrested too cux she stated dat…she knows de man ..meanwhile Issa lie.. Her own BESTFRIEND recorded her in her own house… do we do dat??? … soo many evil people come to us for help n later turn out to be de ones who want our deaths n disgrace…I have been there before…I helped someone on this same social media but today…if u give de person a gun to shoot me…I dnt think she will breathe on it mpo….dax how life is but dat won't stop us for helping ungrateful people.. . . I have helped soo many people buh my reward was ungratefulness buh am still here helping others cux I know humans so I trust none. Poloo sin was to open her door for strangers to come in for foods n sleeps …people are not people…REMEMBER DAT…PEOPLE WILL LOVE N SUPPORT U WEN IS BENEFICIAL… those laughing wid u ain't ur friends oooo.. dey are with u for benefits so be watchful 🙏❤

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