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It’s that season again when guardians and youngsters from JHS are occupied with attempting to get admission to schools in other to begin another excursion in their scholarly life. The approach of the free Senior High School (Free SHS) program has been welcome information to most guardians in Ghana if and in the event that they esteem teaching their wards.

I say so on the grounds that even in this 21st century there are numerous guardians who don’t see schooling an exit from destitution, obliviousness and illnesses.

On such countless events I have heard a few group rebuking this approach. The most shattered is that of the individuals who couldn’t have managed the cost of the expense of seeing their wards through SHS, however go on in reprimanding the public authority on this strategy. I have heard and been faced by a portion of our Zongo people who can’t put an appropriate three complete dinners on the table for their family yet they talk against the arrangement absolutely on political premise.

Be that as it may, the primary inquiry I pose of our Muslim parent today as our teen siblings and sister prepare for SHS is; school outline or Islamic plan?

A ton of times our youngsters battles against so numerous chances to get to SHS just to lose their Islamic characters. A school’s plan in Ghana subtleties what courses are accessible to an understudy, things an understudy should accompany to the school particularly in an all inclusive school if confirmation is without a doubt, disciplinary code and so on

Most Ghanaian guardians incline toward life experience schools than day schools for their wards, thus Muslim guardians should pay additional significance to what exactly to remember for the plans for their wards.

Numerous a period guardians including Muslim energetically give all the necessity of an outline however leave as I would see it the main, religion and virtues. As indicated by a Muslim coach in one of the SHS in the Eastern locale, scavenging through the trunks of the multitude of first year Muslim understudies conceded into his school, just three out of the part accompanied either an asking mat, bathing pot ( buta) as well as a Quran. This frightened him without a doubt and from that point forward, whenever he gets a chance at Muslim social occasions, he attempts to remind the get-together about such things. It is in a similar soul I suggest the conversation starter: School plan or Islamic Prospectus?

Refering to myself for instance, everything in the outline was given however exactly when we were going to embark to class, my mum asked me how could I be going to adapt to supplications knowing am set for an Anglican school. Consequently a petition tangle, buta and my Quran was added to my voyaging pack.

I make the consideration of these three as a feature of the individual things our Muslim understudies should convey to class. This I say so in light of the fact that even where your ward is the obstinate sort, in any event one day in his/her visit in the motel, he/she is probably going to place them into utilization.

In practically all SHS’s in Ghana there are Ghana Muslim Student Associations (GMSAs) groupings which school specialists do perceives as the umbrella association for Muslim understudy who meet during chapel gatherings. In my previous school for example, there was a Muslim mentor , the late Mr. Munir Arafat (may Allah award him Janna)who ensured that Muslim understudies on school do meet whiles community gatherings are going on.

I additionally accept that Muslim guardians of lines should put forth an additional attempt to see whether there is any Muslim coach in the school, a close by mosque or even a zongo settlement close by. In my SHS all these three proved to be useful. Indeed a few of us had the option to try and go to supplications in the close by mosque situated in the zongo which really shared a visitor divider with school.

I likewise put forth defense that our Ullamas should complete government funded instruction on this three prerequisite. Imams ought to lecture about these things in the mosques, our mallams in the different makarantas (Arabic Schools) ought to likewise connect with our little ones who are preparing to enter second cycle schools.

It is exceptionally shattered to discover a ton of our Muslim understudies who either to use to implore consistently at home abruptly surrender this holy obligation later in the motel. This is extraordinarily so of our females. Indeed for my situation I almost interestingly of my reality delayed the Isha and Magrib supplications on account of the time it took in enlisting, getting into the house and sleepiness on the main day at school.

My case for this issue is that, regardless of whether they convey these three things cosmetically, in any event the consciousness of having the Quran or seeing the buta would remind the understudy who he/she is, i.e., a Muslim first before an understudy.

Another connected issue to this is, the thing that direction we provide for our young ones as they set off to SHS. Most guardians barely plunk down to stop for a moment to talk with their wards on this new excursion. We in zongos regularly leave everthing to risk, barely do we have attempt to comprehend our youngsters. Despite the fact that some measure of direction is given to the newbies, Muslim guardians should arrange their wards on this new difficulties particularly regarding their religion. GMSA should likewise venture up its game. As I would see it GMSA is more dynamic at tertiary levels than at second cycle schools where they are required the most in trim out the personality of these youthful ones. My initial phase in to a college came through GMSA o UCC who came to pass on us for a class supported by the Iranian international safe haven.

I along these lines settle on an enthusiastic decision to our Muslim guardians and networks to awaken from our profound sleep and give all the important assistance to our young ones who are entering SHS. There are lesser interruptions in live-in schools consequently we need to put forth the additional attempts in guaranteeing our kids don’t lose their Islamic characters.


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Written by Qwabena Millah

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